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❗Set up alerts for keywords  Many call listening tools allow you to flag specific keywords or phrases. Use this feature to get alerts for mentions of competitors, dissatisfaction or other vital cues. Key challenges include the need for high-quality, diverse datasets to train AI algorithms, ensuring seamless integration with complex legacy systems and addressing privacy concerns. Additionally, adapting AI to accurately understand nuanced speech patterns, regional accents and industry-specific jargon presents significant technical hurdles.

  1. While the insights derived from call listening are invaluable, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming without a strategic approach.
  2. Our customer relationship management (CRM) integrations with Zendesk, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 illuminate your social and sales efforts to provide a full view of your funnel.
  3. It can swiftly collect all relevant data points of the case and render highly personalized, context-rich responses, making each interaction tailor-made for the customer.
  4. Audience growth rate tracks the increase in your social media followers over a specific period.

The 10 best social media scheduling tools that will save time, streamline your work, and help you grow your social media presence. Hootsuite also features a suite of new AI tools, such as the OwlyWriter AI social media caption generator, username generators, employee advocacy calculators, and devops team roles so much more. Biggest issue is some of the less intuitive features or questions are not able to be answered by their reps since they are still learning the product. However, their response time is always exceptional and they continue to work on the issue or education until there is a solve.


There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Yes, Sprout Social has always believed that customers should try before they buy. You can trial our complete product for 30 days, not just a scaled-down version of the software (which is what Sprinklr offers). And we’re so confident in the value you’ll see in the first 30 days, you won’t need 90 days to feel confident moving forward with Sprout. Sprout Social is named the best social media platform for enterprises by G2. Marketers want to know if they are getting a return on their investment (ROI), especially in uncertain economic times.

Sprout’s reporting tools and integrations make measuring ROI easy

We will not be adding you to an email list or sending you any marketing materials without your permission. The cost depends on various factors, such as number of records, number of products and use of advanced filtering and search criteria. 25% of Sprinklr customers are in United States, 5% are in Australia, 5% are in United Kingdom and 5% are in Canada. It’s also important to consider whether you need access to international networks such as WeChat and Weibo.

Balancing compliance with regulations and delivering an exceptional customer experience presents a challenge, necessitating careful navigation and strategic alignment. Using emotional intelligence in call listening is about more than just picking up on the customer’s feelings. By doing so, you can tailor your responses and solutions to be more empathetic and effective, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity for building customer loyalty.

Get a comprehensive view of your campaign performance across 30+ digital channels, including social, web, email, and more. Integrate third-party data to unlock powerful full-funnel insights in a single, consolidated view. Call listening substantially benefits call center performance, enhancing customer interaction and team efficiency.

Social Media Analytics Tools That Do the Math For You

Build and protect your brand’s reputation, and take action at every point in the marketing lifecycle. Capture reviews for content and monitor ratings for additional consumer insights — then integrate Ratings and Reviews at the point of purchase on your website or mobile app to drive even more conversions. Gain a comprehensive measure of your earned media — and connect stories across social and news channels — by using Sprinklr’s proprietary AI engine to monitor and analyze media coverage. Analyze every conversation instantly to surface the best suggestions, predictions, and warnings agents need to improve productivity — and solve customer issues faster.

In 2017, a teenager named Carter Wilkerson casually tweeted to Wendy’s inquiring about the retweets required for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets. The tweet went viral, and while Wilkerson didn’t quite reach 18 million, he did break the record for the most retweeted tweet. His tweet became legendary, and fast food chain responded by giving him free chicken nuggets for a year. Beyond the fun, Wendy’s exhibited its big-hearted side by donating $100,000 to a children’s charity. This light-hearted interaction gave the brand plenty of visibility and showcased its fun-loving spirit. Hootsuite is the Sprinklr alternative that’s cheaper, easier to use, and packed with more tools to help you reach — and exceed — your goals online.

Sprinklr provides a robust list of RESTful web service APIs to integrate data and execute processes with any external system. Developers can also create applications to interact directly with Sprinklr by signing up on the developer portal. Deliver a positive experience that’s true to your brand — no matter where your customers are digitally. Access powerful tools that let you automate contact center workflows and processes, making it easier to solve customer conversations during the first contact. 📊 Scorecards for evaluation Create a standardized call center agent performance scorecard that outlines the criteria for a successful call. 👥Peer reviews Let team members listen to each other’s calls and provide constructive feedback.

You’ll want to consider the size of your business, budget, and goals when deciding. There’s been plenty of buzz about the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, but Sprout is already using AI to help customers work smarter. Proprietary AI and automation technology is embedded in features like Optimal Send Times, which ensures postings get their maximum visibility and intended result. And solutions like Social Listening sift through millions of data points to deliver insights, trends and key learnings within seconds.

But innovation isn’t just about being the first or having the most features. It’s about building and designing a platform in a way customers can truly take advantage of. It’s about anticipating their pain points and needs, to provide next-level solutions. Brands need to be agile, but they also need to be forward thinking to stay on top of consumer and social trends—this is why innovation in a social media management tool is so important. Make decisions based on proactive, AI-powered research, based on the most complete set of customer experience data. There is a better way to keep up with the exponential growth of data on dozens of modern channels — and meet the rising demands of customers.

When trained with generative AI, IVR can understand the intent driver of a question — beyond the face value. It can keep the conversation flowing with relevant information and even direct users to other channels for more sustained, focused engagement. Such AI-powered IVR also uses machine learning to get a bit sharper, making each conversation smoother than the last. Infusing AI can help you reap a mountain of IVR benefits that the conventional system couldn’t bring. Actually, AI-based IVR bypasses what the standard IVR leans on — rigid technology, scripted responses and an inability to grasp the true intent behind a customer’s inquiry. Learn how to optimize your strategy and engage your audience effectively.

Why does social media engagement matter?

Customer service is quick to answer our questions and aid us in solving any problems that may arise. As a result, the program’s original concerns about rigorous reporting requirements and multi-channel marketing campaign analytics have been alleviated by the experience. Campaign attribution and return on investment analysis have been made much easier thanks to the tool’s ease of use for myself and my colleagues.

To help you find the right solution, check out this list of the top ten Sprinklr competitors. Each platform’s features, as well as its pros and cons, are outlined below. There are also some content formats, such as poll, that I can’t post with the software, something that makes my life pretty hard. I don’t usually have to use the software but there are absolutely zero times that I have used 100% correct. Platform APIs do not support some features, such as Instagram story videos.

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